A Lack of Awareness

September 14, 2017

Did you know that aortic stenosis is the most common form of heart valve disease and only 7% of adults across Europe know what aortic stenosis is!

A recent survey of more than 8,860 adults across Europe found that aortic stenosis is the heart condition people over 60 years old are least familiar with.

Although awareness increases with age, 30 percent of respondents over the age of 65 say they know nothing about heart valve disease. Often heart valve disease patients are diagnosed only because they see a health care professional for a regular check-up or for some other issue.

The vast majority of Europeans are not concerned that heart valve disease is so prevalent or are simply not aware of the symptoms. Its seriousness and the fact that the symptoms are often difficult to detect or dismissed as a normal part of ageing means that this lack of awareness can have troublesome or dangerous consequences. As a result many people suffering from the disease do not get diagnosed and do not receive the life-saving and life-enhancing treatment they need.

This is why European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day is so important, not only to raise awareness of the disease but to also make the population more aware of the symptoms so they can get the help they need at the right time. It is also important that General Practitioners are providing their patients, especially those who are over the age of 65 regular stethoscope exams as these are the key to detecting the disease.

Please get involved in spreading the word about heart valve disease and become an official partner of the European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day by signing up here.

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